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Veteran's Bonus Program

Click here to read H.B. 2285 relating to the payment of Veterans Bonuses.

1. Afghanistan
Applicants must have served on active duty between October 7, 2001 and a date yet to be determined. Applicants will be required to fill out form A-1 and attach copy of DD-214 covering eligibility period. If applicants are still active duty and do not have a DD-214, they must also complete form A-3, Commanding Officer's Certificate.

A-1 Application for West Virginia Afghanistan Veteran's Bonus
A-3 Commanding Officer's Certificate for Afghanistan Veteran's Bonus

Surviving Relatives

A surviving spouse or children may request an application by calling 1-888-838-2332 or by mail at the address listed below.

Completed applications should be mailed to: 

Attention:  Bonus Office
West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance
1321 Plaza East Suite 109 
Charleston, WV 25301