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A Look Back at 2017 - Message from the Secretary

Many throughout the country know of West Virginia because our great citizens carry the torch of service and freedom to all corners of the world. As West Virginias, we have always been proud of our veterans. Those of us in the Department of Veterans Assistance are honored to be of service to our veteran family.
2017 was an exciting year. Our new governor made positive and substantive improvements for veterans his first year. Governor Jim Justice signed HB-201 which exempts veterans pensions from state income tax. West Virginia is among only a handful of states that exempt military retirement pay from state tax. This change will encourage more veteran retirees to settle in West Virginia after completing their military career. Additionally, we made changes in our field offices to make them more accessible and visible to veterans. We moved several offices to more suitable locations and opened new offices as well. We also added personnel to improve service and effectiveness within the department.
This past year, nearly $2 billion in federal funds were sent to West Virginia to benefit our veterans. Funds were provided for healthcare, education, compensation, home loans, equipment, personnel, and other services to support veterans and their families in a meaningful and positive way. These funds have a very significant and beneficial impact on the economy of West Virginia as well.
This year has been good. I believe these improvements will allow us to better serve the veteran community throughout West Virginia.