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Adam Crumpler

Fighting Homelessness


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is taking decisive action to end Veteran homelessness.

Any veteran who is at risk for homelessness or who is attempting to exit homelessness should have easy access to programs and services. The federal VA offers a variety of resources, programs, and benefits.  Click on the photo above for more details.



Homeless Assistance Resources in West Virginia - Search by a West Virginia county or city for shelters and/or other assistance.

US Dept. of Labor-WV Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program - The purpose of the Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program (HVRP) is to provide services to assist in reintegrating homeless veterans into meaningful employment within the labor force and to stimulate the development of effective service delivery systems that will address the complex problems facing homeless veterans.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project - Recognizing the need to reach out to homeless veterans in their everyday world, our Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project helps veterans find secure employment and stable, affordable housing.

West Virginia Emergency Food Programs: Lists emergency food pantries and soup kitchens operating throughout counties in West Virginia. The information is published by the Homeless Shelter Directory.

WV Homeless Veterans Resource Center- (Huntington) Operated by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. 
Amenities include: laundry, shower facilities, donation room and DAV transportation. Other services include assistance with employment, finances, VA benefits and eligibility, mental health, substance abuse and housing options.

West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness We’re committed to assisting agencies who don’t take homelessness lightly, and we’re committed to our communities in West Virginia where homelessness is either a prevalent or hidden issue. We’re committed to ending homelessness in West Virginia.