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The needs of our Women Veterans can’t be overlooked. They have proven themselves equally capable as men. Women in the military are performing an ever-increasing number of jobs that were considered the realm of men only a few years before. However, the contribution of women to military service is not a recent development. More than three million women have served, some as far back as the Revolutionary War. They have earned the same benefits and respect as men who have served.

Department of veterans assistance - women veterans program​

More women serve in today’s military than at any other time. Increasingly, women serve in combat areas alongside men and are exposed to the same dangers of combat. What's more, women have an additional risk of exposure to sexual violence if captured and also from peers: sexual harassment and domestic violence. The vast majority of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) cases are among women veterans. As a result of these experiences, women veterans are often ill at ease speaking to male counselors and service officers.

Our Women Veterans Program provides a trusting, positive atmosphere across all Department of Veterans Assistance Benefits Offices so that our veterans can seek the assistance needed and owed to them. We have women veteran service officers available to help women veterans across the state with their MST claim or claim for any other benefit that a woman veteran may have earned through her service. You can enroll using the Women Veteran Program enrollment form here. A woman veteran service officer will contact you for a private benefits consultation. 

Women Veterans Health Care at the Federal VA
Women’s Veterans Health Care at the Veterans Health. Administration seeks to ensure that women veterans get the same quality of care as men do while also addressing the healthcare challenges that are unique to women veterans and to address barriers to care that women veterans face.

The VA maintains a Women Veterans Call Center to answer women veterans' questions regarding resources. Trained women representatives can help with many issues that women veterans may face and are available to answer questions. 

VA Center for Women Veterans​

The mission of the Center for Women Veterans​ (CWV) is to monitor and coordinate the federal VA’s administration of health care, benefits, services, and programs for women Veterans. 

Their work aims to provide an environment free from harassment. The VA has introduced White Ribbon (https://www.va.gov/health/harassment-free/), a national call to action to eliminate sexual harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence. 

This office runs the VA Health Reengagement Training (heaRT) program. It is never too late to enroll in VA health care services. They also offer Women’s Health Transitioning Training​.

Other women veteran-focused services offered by the VA include Maternity Care, Reproductive Health Care, and more. 

Contact the CWV here:
Phone - 855-829-6636
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VAWomenVets
X - https://twitter.com/VAWomenVets or @VAWomenVets

Women Vets USA

Women Vets USA​ is dedicated to connecting women who had active duty, reserve, and/or guard military service and their families, caregivers, advocates, and communities to local, state, and federal resources. This veteran-initiated project is all-volunteer and self-funded. They can help women veterans with issues related to finances, health care, education, legal hardships, and many more.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

The Veterans of Foreign Wars advocates for women veterans​. Their women veterans’ advisory team commissioned a survey of women veterans to collect direct feedback from nationwide. They have identified several recommendations to improve VA healthcare, outreach, training, and homelessness programs to serve women veterans better. 

Military Women's Memorial

The Military Women's Memorial is dedicated to recording the stories of women veterans who served. The memorial features an education center, interactive exhibits, and a collection of stories from military women from different eras of service.