Assistant Administrator of the Clarksburg Veteran Nursing Facility

Pam Hedrick is the Assistant Administrator for the Clarksburg State Veterans Nursing Facility. She brought many years of experience to the department when she joined the facility in 2007. 

Headrick, originally from Kankakee, Illinois, previously worked as a Social Worker and Admissions Director at the Barbour County Good Samaritan from 1997 until 2007. She previously served as the Director of Social Work for the facility, until her promotion first to Interim Assistant Administrator in 2020, then to Assistant Administrator in 2022.

Headrick graduated from Alderson-Broaddus in Philippi, West Virginia, with Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. Additionally, she is a Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, and Equal Opportunity Counselor. She received a Certificate of Pride in Public Service from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs in 2014.