Death Indemnity Compensation

​DIC is the primary monthly monetary benefit payable to the surviving dependents of a deceased Veteran. This benefit is payable if the Veteran died on active duty from causes other than misconduct, if the Veteran’s death occurred following discharge and was due to a service-connected disability, or if the Veteran had a 100 percent combined disability rating for a certain statute time limit. If you are the spouse of a deceased, disabled Veteran, please get in touch with a Department VSO as soon after the Veteran’s death as is practical.

We recommend a surviving spouse or dependent of any Vietnam, Desert Storm, or Post 9/11 veteran who died of an illness that wasn’t service-connected make an appointment with a Department Veteran Service Officer to review the circumstances of the Veteran’s death. The PACT Act of 2022 introduced several new presumptive conditions and illnesses. If we can service connect the Veteran’s death posthumously, the survivors may be eligible to receive DIC and other survivor benefits.

Find DIC rates for surviving spouses and children here.

Find DIC rates for surviving dependent parents here​.