Benefits Offices

​The Department of Veterans Assistance operates 14 benefits offices and a claims office throughout the state. Accredited Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) at these locations advise veterans and their families on issues relating to veterans' benefits, including access to healthcare, employment assistance, housing benefits, and more. 

VSOs also assist with filing claims for benefits and can represent veterans to the Veterans Benefits Administration when the veteran disagrees with a decision made regarding a claim. 

Federal benefits for which veterans may be eligible include, but are not limited to - VA Disability Compensation, VA Disability Pension, Burial and Cemetery benefits, Education benefits, and others. 

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Staff in our Claims Office in Huntington, West Virginia, provide the connection to the federal VA Regional Office that ensures that claims submitted by department staff on behalf of veterans are processed as quickly as possible. Additionally, they handle hearings with the Veterans Board of Appeals cases. 

Benefits Offices