The WV Military Hall of Fame was established to recognize veterans who distinguished themselves in service and who contributed significantly to the state and community following discharge.

  • Nominations shall be on a nomination application form maintained by the Department of Veterans Assistance and hosted on their state web site.​​​
    Click Here for the ​Nomination Application Form
  • Nomination applications must be accompanied by documentation showing that the applicant has been awarded at least one of the awards listed in West Virginia State Code §9A-6-1. West Virginia Military Hall of Fame.
  • Applications should include a narrative description of why the veteran should be considered for the Hall of Fame. This narrative should include specific honors and accomplishments while in service AND the service the veteran rendered to the state or his or her community after discharge that should make him or her eligible for this honor. The narrative should be accompanied by supporting documentation.
  • Applications should be mailed or faxed to the WVDVA Office of the Cabinet Secretary, or hand delivered to a WVDVA benefits office where it can be scanned and sent to the Office of the Cabinet Secretary by encrypted email.

  • The West Virginia Military Hall of Fame Board shall be formed in accordance with West Virginia Code §9A-6-1(c). The Board will consist of 7 members, selected by a vote of the Veterans Advisory Council from among the membership of that group. The Secretary of the WVDVA will serve as an ex officio member and the chairperson of the board.
  • The Secretary will form and convene the West Virginia Military Hall of Fame Board yearly, and may do so at additional times as needed.
  • Board members will review each application in detail, ensuring that only applicants that possess the qualifying military awards listed in West Virginia State Code §9A-6-1 will be considered.
  • Board members will, after a detailed review of each qualified application, vote on whether to induct the veteran into the Hall of Fame, or to dismiss the application.
  • The reasons for dismissal shall be recorded on the application. If an application is dismissed the applicant can resubmit, so long as additional documentation is provided that addresses the reason for dismissal.
  • A copy of each scored application will be returned to the individual who made the nomination.
  • A physical or digital copy of the application and supporting documentation shall be retained by the Department of Veterans Assistance for a minimum of ten years.